- NFL Vlog Week 3 Football Picks


  1. [Image: Tammy]
    Well I think Brad has the right idea,win or lose at least they look great doing so.Looks and sounds to me as if this Brad guy has a decent head on his shoulders,is he the big boss or something?
    (posted Sep 24, 2010)
  2. [Image: phjoshua]
    This is me challenging the internet... think your picks are better than mine? let's have 'em...
    (posted Sep 24, 2010)
  3. [Image: ShotsOnNet]
    @MrShap, Alright, if your 2yr old wins, we'll wash your car and put it on the vlog. But if we win, we're taking your car for lunch. .lol Deal?
    (posted Sep 24, 2010)
  4. [Image: Sarah]
    I'm with Brad... Cowboys win!
    (posted Sep 24, 2010)
  5. [Image: MrShap]
    If my 2 year old does better than you you guys are washing my car every day next week. Deal?
    (posted Sep 23, 2010)
  6. [Image: yankees]
    LOL That Brad dude is making picks like a girl LOL Cutest uniform? Is he the delicate male at FanShots? LOL HAHAHAHA

    (posted Sep 23, 2010)
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