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Categories: General has put together a list of their top 25 songs about athletes… and I’m a sucker for lists – so I copied it down here for you and am excited to share it today.

There are a lot of old songs on this list that I don’t know. And there are a lot of local songs that people in the cities they are about will know, but I won’t.

Take a look and see if there are any here that you know. And if there are songs that you think should be on the list TWEET ME and we can build our own list next week!’s “The 25 Best Songs About Athletes”

Bonus. Wayne Gretzky (Goldfinger)
25.I Love Mickey (Mickey Mantle & Teresa Brewer)
24.Teach Me How to Jimmer
23.I’m a Raven (Jynx and Akira The Great)
22.LeBron James (Debonair)
21.Lights Out (Tony Corleone)
20.Ima Go Getta (Lil Wayne)
19.Paul Pierce (Damani)
18.One Clap (DJ Steve Porter)
17.Ray Lewis (Terry Motivation)
16.Derrick Rose
15.Do the John Wall (Troop 41)
14.Song for Sonny Liston (Mark Knopfler)
13.I Love Me Some Me (NFL Films)
12.Joltin’ Joe Dimaggio
11.Boom Boom Mancini (Warren Zevon)
10.Magic Johnson (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
9.Say Hey Willie (Dennis Massa)
8.I May Be Wrong (T-Mobile)
7.Pau, Phil Is Your Father (Ryan Parker)
6.Black Superman (Johnny Wakelin and The Kinshasa Band)
5.Kobe Bryant (Lil Wayne)
4.Time To Shine (Andrew Cassanova)
3.Hurricane (Bob Dylan)
2.Be Like Mike
1.We Stand Together (Chris Paul)


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