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LeBron James: The power of seizing the moment

By the time LeBron James settled into a directors' chair in front of the ESPN cameras to announce—in a prime-time special called The Decision, which had been marketed with all the subtlety of a Kardashian wedding—where, as he put it, "I'm going to take my talents to" this fall, everyone from Rush Limbaugh to Larry King to the leader of the free world had weighed in. The prognostications had already drowned out the NBA finals, not to mention the BP oil spill, and were dominating the 24-hour news cycle like a Lohan lockup. Even LeBron himself looked nervous, like the 25-year-old he is. Millions of basketball fans and culture junkies nationwide crammed sports bars and living rooms to watch this modern-day king make his decree. And then, almost immediately, they called for his head.

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David Gargill, writer for GQ and Harper's