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If you haven’t seen the final playoff teams for the 2010 NFL season yet, here they are!

New England Patriots
Pittsburgh Steelers
Indianapolis Colts
Kansas City
Baltimore Ravens
New York Jets

Atlanta Falcons
Chicago Bears
Philadelphia Eagles
Seattle Seahawks
New Orleans Saints
Green Bay Packers

And here are the match-ups for Wild Card Week

(5)Baltimore at (4)Kansas City 1pm
(6)New York at (3)Indianapolis 8pm
(5)New Orleans at (4)Seattle 4:30pm
(6)Green Bay at (3)Philadelphia 4:30pm

That’s right kids, the playoffs are here. And as crazy as the regular season ended up, the postseason could be even crazier.

In the AFC the Patriots finished with the #1 seed and the Steelers ended up #2 so they both get byes in the first round. While in the NFC the Falcons came through at #1 and the Bears (who I didn’t believe in all year) grabbed the #2 seed.

Earlier today I said that I wanted to wait until at least Thursday to see who was healthy and ready for action before I started picking games. And that’s because this is serious business kids. We aren’t playing around anymore.

There’s money to be made in the NFL playoffs. And I hope to be making some of that money. I’m not sure where I’m going to lay my money down yet.

I’ll have more to say as we get closer to the weekend. And keep your eyes open for the first edition of the NFL Playoffs Vlog coming at the end of the week as well. We’re hoping to have some fun with this stuff.

So, if you have any information that I might be able to use in my gambling decisions as the week goes on please let me know. There’s no reason why we all can’t be winners.


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