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If you haven’t seen the new LeBron James commercial titled “Rise” I very much recommend that you do. Whether you love or hate or respect or have lost respect or whatever toward LeBron this commercial will give you something to talk about.

There is no questioning the fact that LBJ has a lot of heat (no pun intended) on him right now. Every comment that he makes gets blown up into the something bigger than I’m sure he ever meant it to be. Every game that the Heat play this season will be looked at as more than just 1 of 82. And every time someone starts talking about James it gets turned into something more than it needs to be.

That’s the world that James has created for himself and the media and fans have made for him. Whether it’s fair or not isn’t the question right now. The question is how will it all play out moving forward? Will he be the villain long term? He has to be prepared to be the bad guy when he makes his first visit to many of the arenas around the NBA – including Boston on opening night.

LeBron James is a great basketball player, he is one of the faces of the NBA and that isn’t going change any time soon.
Only time will tell what the outcome will be of “the decision” but for now at least we know that he isn’t going to run and hide from the world.