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So… the sun is still revolving around LBJ and this time it’s the Karma is a Bitch story.

If you haven’t been paying attention to The LeBron James Story lately here’s what happened – Tuesday night there was a tweet that went a little something like this: “Crazy. Karma is a b****.. Gets you every time. Its not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything!

Here’s the story though, LeBron’s former team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, were in the middle of getting their asses kicked at the time by the Lakers. It was an embarrassment of a game that everyone in the organization would like to forget forever. Because of the timing there are a lot of people who assumed that the tweet was directed at the Cavs.

Today though there is a story circulating that has LBJ saying that the tweet had nothing to do with the Cavs. He says that it was something that someone had sent to him and he sent it back out. Here’s the thing though… it wasn’t a retweet and there was no mention of anyone in the tweet. That’s a pretty weak excuse LeBron. Even if it is the truth.

But it gets better. In a real ironic twist LeBron rolled his left ankle last night in a loss to the LA Clippers and may miss Thursday’s game in Denver.

So, less than a day after running his mouth about karma on his Twitter stream it got him. The man who says that he’s willing to embrace the role of villain in the NBA had the Heat’s road winning streak ended and sprained his ankle all at the same time. And it was the Clippers! It’s not even like Kobe got some revenge. It was Baron Davis and Blake Griffin.

I guess LeBron was right. Karma is a bitch. And she will get you.